Meeting Dates & Minutes

General Meetings

  • As per the Constitution there shall be a minimum of four (4) General Meetings each year, one to be the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • At present they are held every two months with a break in December and January.
  • At a General Meeting, presided by the District President, any member of a member club may attend and speak, but each club has only one vote through the Club's representative.
  • The Committee may, whenever it deems necessary, convene a Special General Meeting.

Meeting Dates for 2018

2018 Minutes and Reports

16 March Captains Report

16 March Minutes

25 May Minutes  

2017 Minutes and Reports

   Annual General Meeting held 27 November Minutes

   Presidents Report 2017 Annual General Meeting

   Finance Report to 2017 Annual General Meeting

   2017 District Tournaments Results

   2018 NHDLGA District Committee

   Pennant Meeting Minutes 14 August

   General Meeting Minutes 14 August

   General Meeting Minutes 15 May

   Captains Report 15 May

   2 Year Tournament Plan 2018 - 2019

   Finance Report 15 May


Committee Meetings

The Committee meets at least 5 times a year at times and places as the President of the Association deems

2018 Minutes and Reports of Committee Meetings

4 May Minutes

Financial Report 4 May page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

Captains Report 4 May

Website Report 4 May

9 February Minutes


2017 Minutes and Reports of Committee Meetings

  20 October Minutes

  20 October Reconciliation

  20 October Bank Statement

  20 October Receipts

  20 October Payments

   24 July Minutes

  17 July Minutes

   13 June Minutes

   13 June Financial Report

   13 June Captains Report

   13 June 1 May Minutes