District Medal

2018 Event will be held at Muree on Monday 29 October. 

2017 District Medal was played at Pacific Dunes in very extreme heat.  Congratulations to Lyn Cooper (Belmont) winner of Division 1 and Marilyn Williams (Belmont) in Division 2.

For previous winners in Division 1 click here and in Division 2 click here

List of District Events in 2018

2017 NHDLGA Results for all District Events



Payment by Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer/Deposit

NHDLGA  BSB 637000 Acc: 718687373

Show your Name and Club as ID on your deposit advice

Entries are not accepted until payment received.

Closing Date for Entries: 19th October 2018. Submit your online entry using the form below.


To be read in conjunction with NHDLGA 2017 Standard Conditions of Play which are still current

  1. The District Medal Competition is a Stroke Handicap event to be held between 1st March and 19 October, 2018
  2. Winners of the Club District Medal are eligible to play in the District Medal play-off held on and in conjunction with the NHDLGA Champion of Champions Tournament. These events are scheduled for Monday 29th October 2018 at Muree Golf Club.
  3. Clubs may programme one mid-week and one weekend competition.
  4. Clubs may host 2 Divisional Medals if there is a minimum of 6 entries in each division for both the mid-week and weekend competitions.
  5. Divisions are:
    1. Division 1 Medal - GA handicap 0 - 20
    2. Division 2 Medal - GA handicap 20.1 -45  
  6. If entries do not allow for 2 Divisions one District medal is awarded.
  7. If a player is a member of more than one club, she is eligible to enter the District Medal competition at each club. Once a player has qualified for the District Medal play-off she is no longer eligible to enter the competition at another club.
  8. Winners of the club District Medal competition in each Division may compete for the NHDLGA Gold and Silver Medal.
    1. Division 1 winners (mid-week and weekend) compete for the District Gold Medal.
    2. Division 2 winners (mid-week & weekend) compete for the District Silver Medal.
    3. Clubs that were unable to field more than one division, the winner will play for the District Medal in the division that applies to the handicap on the day she won the club qualifying round.
  9. All finalists will play in the division that they qualified at club level, but must use their current GA handicap to determine their Daily handicap on the District Medal play-off day.
  10. Ties will be decided according to the Golf Australia count back system.
  11. A fee of $2 per player is payable from all entrants in the Club District Medal event. In addition a $15 green fee is payable for all club winners intending to compete in the finals.


Players who qualify to compete in both the District Medal and Champion of Champions must pay their $15 green fees on this Entry Form only.

Further Information

Dominique Kelly, Captain,NHDLGA

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 0438 695 910

 Online Registration Form (Mid-Week): Closing date, 19th October 2018 - Click Here

 Online Registration Form (Weekend): Closing date, 19th October 2018 - Click Here