Beryl Tobin Trophy

May 17, 2016

Jill Blenkey (Newcastle) was announced as the winner of the 2017 Beryl Tobin Trophy.  Jill is pictured here at Newcastle Golf Club where she was presented with her trophy at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Conditions and Guidelines for 2018

Club Entry Form

2018 Result Sheet

Beryl Tobin Events for 2018

In 1994, the first year of this event, Robyn Watt from Waratah Golf Club donated the trophy in honour of Beryl Tobin. While the guidelines for this event have changed over the years, the idea of encouraging players on lower handicaps to participate in open stroke events at other clubs , which was instrumental in its introduction, has not. The winner is the player with the highest number of points over a 12 month period. The presentation of the trophy takes place at the Annual Open Championship Presentation. Read more on the District Events page.

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