NewCoast Cup @ Pacific Dunes

December 4, 2022

The 2022 Cup will be played at Pacific Dunes on Sunday 4 December

Event Summary

The NewCoast Cup is a relatively new event in the NHDLGA calendar. Started in 2020, the tournament mirrors a “Ryder Cup” format with top golfers from the CCWGA taking on the best of the NHDLGA.

CCWGA hosted the 2nd annual NewCoast Cup event on  4 & 5 December 2021. The first round of match play foursomes was held at Magenta Shores GC on Saturday & the singles matches at Shelly Beach GC on Sunday.  

Players faced extremely strong winds on Saturday around a very challenging course.  Both team Captains were pleased to come away with 3 points each. The foursomes pairings of Jenny Thompson/Patsy Fielding, Jill Blenkey/Holly Ibbotson & Stacie McDonald/Lyn Horswood all  secured wins and the crucial 3 points.   The teams of Tania Hutchins/Jenny Frost, Jennie Bellamy/Carol Knox & Dom Kelly/Katrina Skinner-Oyston suffered close defeats to have the contest all even at the end of the day.

On Sunday at Shelly Beach, there were 12 more points up for grabs in the very tight contest. Players faced overcast & cool, windy conditions but fortunately the rain stayed away for all the matches.

Jenny Thompson, Holly Ibbotson, Katrina Skinner-Oyston & Dom Kelly secured wins while Jill Blenkey, Jennie Bellamy & Stacie McDonald squared their matches to add a half point each.  This left the teams tied on 9 points each at the end of regulation play.  This prompted a sudden death playoff between the team’s lowest markers–Stacie McDonald (NHDLGA) and Yvonne Boardman (CCWGA).  It took just one hole for Stacie to secure the win with her birdie on Shelly Beach’s par 5 1st hole to lock in the win for the NHDLGA Team. The NewCoast Cup will return to Newcastle in 2022 which we’re sure will be hotly contested.  

Congratulations to the team of Jennie Bellamy,  Jill Blenkey, Patsy Fielding, Jenny Frost, Tania Hutchins,  Lyn Horswood,  Holly Ibbotson, Dom Kelly, Carol Knox , Stacie McDonald, Katrina Skinner-Oyston, Jenny Thompson and their caddies for an amazing win.